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About Me

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Nickname: Claire

Realname: Jacky (i don't like the long version)

Birthday: January, 07 1991

Hobbys: create website, play games (PS3, PS4, XBOX one, PC, Nintendo 3DS), learn programming

Since Internet: 2002 / 2003


I'm from Austria.
I have a daughter, her name is Samantha.
Thanks to friends, i learned how to program websites.
I am a very helpful person as long as this is in my power.
I already fell into animes when I was 11 years old.
My first anime was Ojamajo DoReMi.
My favorite tags about anime is Magic Girl, Vampire, Games or Music.
When I was 9 I discovered the games world for myself.
In 2014 I found my favorite game series. Dragon Age by BioWare.
The highest playing time is in Dragon Age Origins with more than 500 hours of play.