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Joined on 02/05/2020

Name: Claire
Status: active
Cards Count: 632
Worth Count: 611 / 651
Last Updated: 05/17/2020

If you Join, please say Claire reffered you!

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pending since March 18, 2020

Receive Cards:
anders16, masseffect19, ladysylvanas06, mc-Gaelle

Give Cards:


pending since April 28, 2020

Receive Cards:
anders12, anders14, anders15, anders19, dragonagebattleofostagar11, dragonageii09, dragonageii12, dragonageii17, finalfantasy1000words16

Give Cards:


pending since April 28, 2020

Receive Cards:
carverhawke10, cecilharvey14, fenris01, finalfantasyviii06, finalfantasyxii13, finalfantasyxiii206, masseffect318, masseffect320

Give Cards: