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Nurie TCG

Joined on 05/20/2020

Name: Claire
Status: active
Cards Count: 146
Worth Count: 146 / 251
Last Updated: 06/05/2020

If you Join, please say Claire reffered you!

Active Log

06/03/2020 ------------
Doubles Trade In (x5): jellyfish16, crossfire17, blackbutterfly14, blackbutterfly10, kugane20
Trading rewards (x 1): rainyday16, amaterasusallies05, witchsgame09, candyrain09, 15x prize tickets

06/03/2020 ------------
The Shop (Random Cards): candywonderland08, theotherside01, candyrain06, jellyfish12, deathandrebirth13, astronauts01, crossfire09, lastbeginning11, curryxrice18, whiteroses02 (- 100 prize tickets)
Level Up: realaxis01, mochifestival01, jellyfish12
Wish tickets: heavenly19, curryxrice17, 10x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (5): kigurumisweeties17, twilight03, hisroom07, sparkle10, nameless11, masterandpet08, shinigami11, 30x prize tickets, 2x extra tickets
Puzzle Chain (4): missiongathering12, kugane15, elvenprincesses11, gratefulallegiance03, masterandpet01, wonderlandwind19, 20x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (3): bluehydrangeas16, bluemoon02, onlyyou15, elvenprincesses09, whiteroses18, 10x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (2): twilight02, lastbeginning13, kigurumisweeties13, bluemoon08
Puzzle Chain (1): phantomthieves16, candywonderland08, regality12
Wheel of fortune: elements20, ruckus03, 5x prize tickets
Puzzle: ruckus01, phantomthieves01, nameless07, 5x prize tickets
Broken painting: regality09, nameless11, 5x prize tickets
Coin flip: masterandpet16, maidenofhresvelg04
Mystery Box: 1x extra tickets
Peeptin: twoonthebattlefield14, curryxrice07, bluehydrangeas14, 5x prize tickets
Printing error: garregmach04, witchrepose11, maidenofhresvelg06
Missing artbook: blackbutterfly10, masterandpet16, whiteroses12
Trading Pot: my maidenofhresvelg18 for curryxrice18
Card Claim: maidenofhresvelg18, missiongathering03
Voting: chaldeapark11, amaterasusallies11, phantomthieves06, 10x prize tickets
Freebies: shinigami07, deathandrebirth08, jellyfish06, rainyday07, 5x prize ticket

05/27/2020 ------------
The Shop (Random Cards): hisroom15, bluemoon12, candyrain15, watanagashifestival07, sweetdreams02, regality14 (- 60 prize tickets)
Trading Pot: my sweetdreams14 for whiteroses05
Card Claim: crossfire10, gardeningfun05
Voting: missiongathering12, rainyday13, chaldeapark18, 10x prize tickets
Freebies: sweetdreams14, regality14, missiongathering13, elvenprincesses20, 5x prize tickets

05/20/2020 ------------
The Shop (Random Cards): loveless09, deathandrebirth03, rainyday03, firstlayer18, jellyfish20 (- 50 prize tickets)
Wish tickets: ruckus02, mermaid19, 10x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (5): bluemoon18, witchsgame17, gratefulallegiance13, bluemoon01, cozywinternight18, walkingthedog14, witchsgame03, 30x prize tickets, 2x extra tickets
Puzzle Chain (4): kigurumisweeties19, garregmach06, maidenofhresvelg02, beachsidedrive05, beachsidedrive18, legendarybirds09, 20x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (3): blackbutterfly09, curryxrice06, evapilots09, deathandrebirth07, mochifestival14, 10x prize tickets
Puzzle Chain (2): shinigami11, crossfire14, newworldorder02, appletree18
Puzzle Chain (1): lastbeginning04, wontbackdown03, candyrain16
Printing error: loveless10, sparkle06, witchsgame09
Dice Roller: gratefulallegiance06, wonderlandwind08, candywonderland17, 5x prize tickets
Jan-Ken-Pon: onlyyou04, wontbackdown14
Toggler: bluemoon10, evapilots02, kigurumisweeties10
Puzzle: elvenprincesses15, phantomthieves18, nameless11, 5x prize tickets
Lottery: hisroom12, witchrepose10
Trading Pot: my heavenly04 for regality04
Card Claim: regality17, twilight08
Voting: bluemoon15, theotherside09, ibn510005, 10x prize tickets
Freebies: herroom07, heavenly04, lastbeginning18, heavenly11, 5x prize tickets
Starter Pack: realaxis13, realaxis05, realaxis02, maidenofhresvelg06, sparkle12, cozywinternight15, idoldreams04, masterandpet16, crossfire16, absoluteromance12

Trading Log

Current StampCard Number: 2
Count all full Stamp: 1
To be Turned in: 0

06/05/2020 ------------
Traded Lex:+6 my jellyfish12, cozywinternight18, phantomthieves06, phantomthieves16, ruckus02, ruckus03 for realaxis08, realaxis12, deathandrebirth04, deathandrebirth20, ibn510002, ibn510003

06/03/2020 ------------

Stamp 1 (+6)
Traded Zenit:+7 my bluemoon02, candyrain15, candyrain16, candywonderland08, cozywinternight15, gratefulallegiance03, gratefulallegiance06 for realaxis06, realaxis09, realaxis16, deathandrebirth12, deathandrebirth17, missiongathering06, missiongathering09
Traded Kayori:+2 my shinigami07, shinigami11 for realaxis03, realaxis17

06/01/2020 ------------
Traded Aki:+7 my loveless09, loveless10, crossfire10, crossfire14, crossfire16, evapilots02, evapilots09 for regality08, twilight09, twilight15, ibn510001, ibn510013, missiongathering05, kugane15

05/28/2020 ------------
Traded Dottie:+6 my walkingthedog14, appletree18, herroom07, phantomthieves18, wontbackdown03, wontbackdown14 for realaxis04, regality09, regality10, regality12, regality13, regality15

05/27/2020 ------------
Traded Asche:+7 my nameless11, newworldorder02, bluemoon01, bluemoon12, bluemoon15, garregmach06, mochifestival14 for realaxis10, realaxis11, realaxis15, regality01, regality18, regality19, missiongathering02
Traded April:+1 my candywonderland17 for realaxis07

05/24/2020 ------------
Traded lagoonaris:+1 my firstlayer18 for deathandrebirth09